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What we do?

We create smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. Using Solidity a programming language based on JavaScript.

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We base our smart contracts on Oppenzepplins libraries. So rest assured they are highly audited. Plus we go through rigourous testing of the smart contract on Ropsten test network before final release.

About Us

Unlike others, we like to converse ourselves with the project we are working, to get a better understanding and to advice them. As it's the clients money that's gonna be at risk, and we do not like risking others money.

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ERC20 Token


Investors Cabinet (Web3)



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You can contact us through email or telegram.


Telegram: @ice_man0

When contacting us kindly send details regarding your projects (100-150 words).
Also describe the services you'll be needing and the budget that you have.
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